Compared to J1 this batch of hair is finer, both with regard to the shaft and the tips. While not being overly treated and still providing a natural feel with a subtle scrub, the tips are clumping together when wet and therefore having the appearance of gel tips.

During the process of creating the J2 knot I made the observation that the flow through of the lather is way more sensitive to the density of the knot than with the J1 hair. The lather release significantly improved after reducing the density of the knot. I made a fan knot that I really liked, but I felt like it could be improved even more. So I decided to further reduce the density, but make the fan shape a little more rounded trying to maintain the same level of backbone. I really took my time with creating J2 and it is definitely a different style of a knot than J1, but I think the result is fantastic.

In conclusion I would say that J2 is not an overly dense knot providing a cloud like face feel with a subtle scrub to it.

All J2 knots have a diameter of 27mm and a loft of 50mm.