The Calyx

The Calyx is my first standard offering. It sports a 27mm fan shaped A1 synthetic knot. The knot provides the same cloud like softness as my 29mm fan knots. After an intense testing period, I found that the loft of 50mm is the sweet spot for this knot diameter. The face feel is pretty close to the 29mm A1, but it – of course – feels smaller and it ended up having slightly less backbone.

The unique Calyx handle design with its silhouette together with the arrangement of ”bulges”  allows for a very comfortable and unique grip. The logo at the bottom of the handle is held in a raised embossing design which looks really neat, too. The main color for this standard offering will be a matte off-white, but I do plan on making some special offerings with different colors occasionally.

The calyx is a part of a flower. While it has not been the original inspiration for this design, I think the name “Calyx” fits quite nicely. I went through many design iterations until I finally had the feeling that my vision was perfectly brought to life. I always try to explore new techniques that help me refine my craft and this project was definitely a challenge. I learned a lot though and I think there will be new offerings with “unusual” shaving brush handle designs coming in the future.

I have been looking for a standard offering solution for a long time now. At first I thought about outsourcing the manufacturing of my two main shapes in standard colors, but never felt comfortable enough to actually go this route. Instead I concentrated on finding a solution that allows me to make a cool standard offering in-house. I hope to be able to always keep it in stock, so that everyone visiting my website is theoretically able to purchase a brush.