My history

How does someone come up with the idea of ​​making shaving brushes themselves? Well, this decision did not come overnight, but was subject to a process lasting several years. It sounds strange, but actually it all started with blunt kitchen knives. After I dealt with the subject of knife sharpening, I was quickly fascinated by sharp knives. But sharpening was not enough for me and so I started to replace knife handles on my kitchen knives with selfmade ones. Shortly afterwards I started to make my own blades out of a piece of steel. At first I had the heat treatment done externally, but I was very fascinated by this process and so I bought a gas forge. But being able to cut food well is one thing, removing the whiskers from your face is another. And so I got my first straight razor and made it my goal to sharpen it so that I can shave with it comfortably. The first soaps, aftershaves and shaving brushes quickly found their way into my bathroom and it did not take very long until wet shaving has established itself as a passion of mine. After doing dozens of kitchen knives, I also made straight razors. I also was interested in making a shaving brush myself. The first handles were made on my drill press since I did not have a lathe. It was difficult at first, but I kept improving my approaches every time. The desire to bring my ideas for shaving brushes alive quickly grew bigger than my bathroom cabinet and so I started giving away some shaving brushes.

As with knife making, I was gripped by the irrepressible will to do everything myself and so I also began to tie my knots. A few months passed before all work steps could be carried out to my satisfaction and I was now sure that not only I, but also others, would enjoy my shaving brushes.