Man, that took a while. It has been more than two years since I introduced the last batch and I want to give you some background information as to why it took so long for the new batch. I strive for perfection in my work. While it is impossible to reach perfection, I do my best to deliver the best possible work my two hands allow me to. In the case of badger knots I think there are three variables for me as a maker. Firstly, the raw materials. Secondly, figuring out the best specifications for the individual hair batch. Thirdly, carefully constructing the knot. The first variable had been critical for me since the beginning. Let’s just say sourcing good hair had been a challenge. This got so problematic at one point that it caused me to overthink the whole sourcing process and so, among other changes, I decided to do the treatment inhouse. That way I can maximize my influence over the end product. Establishing a reliable treatment process turned out to be linked to more variables than I initially expected. In order to really feel the nuances of the each treatment trial, I had to make a knot with hair that was well sorted. Therefore, I decided to only make small knots to save time and material (14mm badger knots will be available in the near future too). Establishing a reliable treatment process inhouse still was quite the project that consumed countless hours and a lot of badger hair, but I think the investment was worth it. I learned a lot and I think this knowledge will serve me well in the future. From now on badger offerings will be available much more frequently.
It takes a lot of time for me to make a badger knot and I understand that it is quite an investment. Out of respect to both the end product and your money, I want to do my best to maximize the value of natural hair brushes. This includes the longevity of the brush which is also dependent on the severity of the treatment. Therefore, I prefer to go with a light one. That way the tips can stay intact for a long time.

So let’s talk more specifically about J4. This batch is made from very high quality two band badger hair. In general, I would say it is somewhere between J2 and J3, leaning more towards J2. As alluded to earlier, the treatment process of the hair tips for this batch was made inhouse. The light treatment makes the knot feel noticeably softer compared to its untreated state, but still provides a nice natural feedback while lathering. The following pictures show the knot in four states: wet, lightly shaken out, strongly shaken out and dry. There is no slimy gelling going on at all.

With regards to density and loft it is more similar to J2 than J3. The density is fairly low allowing for good flow through of the lather. The backbone is moderate and just right for a pleasant lathering experience. All J4s will be 27mm fan shaped knots with a loft of 51mm.
Overall I am very pleased with the end result. From a crafting point of view, this is my best work to date.