Ordering Process

New customers are often a little confused about how they can get their hands on my brushes. So here is a description of the ordering process.

I mostly do drops with brushes that are not pre-made, but made to order. This more or less means I sell spots in a waiting list. The drops are always announced beforehand through my newsletter and social media. In my shop I usually have the items displayed even when they are sold out. That gives the customers the chance to be informed about pricing etc. When the time for the drop has come, the item in my shop will be made available until the spots in the waiting list are all taken. After you were able to buy a spot in the waiting list, you tell me which specifications you want your brush to have. That includes the handle shape and colorway, in case you ordered a synthetic brush I also need to know the knot shape. Then I will go ahead and make the brush according to your wishes. It takes me around four weeks to fulfill all the orders and ship them out to you. When the brushes are shipped out, you will receive a shipping notification via email from me.

From time to time I also sell pre-made brushes. These are usually experimental one-offs, prototypes or brushes from cancelled orders.