The shafts of J3 hair are pretty thick and sturdy. The tips are just slightly treated, so they don’t show signs of gelling. They have a naturally soft feeling, also providing a pleasant amount of scrub. That pretty much sums the information regarding the hair up, but I would like to give some more background information about how I decided on the J3 specs. In general, I can say that J3 hair is more similar to J1 than to J2. The rigid shafts scream for a higher loft, just like with J1. Even with lower density the knot was pretty springy at lower lofts, so I had to use too much force to splay the knot. So that’s why I decided on a fairly high loft. Even though I liked the backbone with lower density, I felt that during face lathering every now and then I get the feeling that I can feel individual hairs. To counter that I increased the density by 5% resulting in a degree of backbone which is medium-high to high.
All in all, I would say that J3 is a well-balanced knot without any extreme properties.

Here are some numbers:
 - diameter: 27mm
 - loft: 53mm